Friday, November 9, 2012

Notes from The Ground

From our friend Toby Bryce:


Vincent, Dez, and I ended up going out yesterday. We reported to Rockaway Beach Surf Club (RBSC) and, while we were somewhat under-utilized the first couple hours, it was interesting to see their operation (which is pretty amazing all things considered in terms of how many people they're helping as a 100% impromptu/grass-roots/volunteer relief organization) and for the afternoon we found a couple basements to demo on the 100 block of Beach 92nd.

I wish I took a picture but for those of you who worked on B92 last Sunday the progress this week has been pretty substantial. Army Corps of Engineers and NYC Sanitation Dept were clearing debris all day with front-loaders and dump trucks, and I'd say they've removed about 80% of the mess. It still looks like a war zone out there but there was at least some very visible progress over the past 4-5 days.

Couple notes:
  • If you are reporting to RBSC, here is a Facebook page that seems to be run by Davina and Brandon, who are managing things out there. It has current info on what items are most needed and worth following if you intend to keep working with this group.
  • (Other pages are -- one more general to Rockaways, the other more specific to the relief center at the church on Beach 129.)
  • *****Also RBSC explicitly say on the page that they have a ton of volunteers coming this weekend and can you possibly schedule yourself for next week or weekend. This is not to say you shouldn't go but something to keep in mind give our under-utilization yesterday...***** (see below)
Putting this out there as I know a number of you are thinking of / planning to go back out this weekend. 

****** Ty Breuer et al are organizing volunteers to head out from Pilgrim to Long Beach which is now more accesible to volunteers.  Given that it was so hard to get to LB for so long, relief efforts there have been slower.  Still show up at Pilgrim this weekend if you've planned on it. If you'd planned on heading out there on your own and can switch geographic gears, check out the SANDY HELP LB Facebook Page ******

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