Friday, November 9, 2012

Notes from the Ground

From our friend Ed Cornell:

If people are showing up to Rockaway over the weekend there are is lots of organizing and signup called Team Rubicon at Beach Blvd and 123rd st.  It's run by veterans and they are really organized with demolition tools, chainsaws, generators, and a list of over a hundred places that need assistance.  
I ran around with a crew of their people yesterday and today and demo'ed a few basements, shoveled sand, pumped water, and chainsawed up stray pieces of boardwalk that had run into people's homes.  
If the crowd of people seems to get congested down at 92nd send some of the folks up that way.  Also if you know of more people that need help send them that way. If people are coming out tell them to try and bring their own lunches, contractor bags, mops, shovels, etc.  
Might see you all out there again tomorrow, and good luck! 

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