Friday, November 30, 2012

On Being

The Godfather and I have had a running conversation about shame for a while.  Especially recently, in the last couple years, I've thought about owning my shame and being ok with the vulnerable bits that process would expose. There is a lot of clarity and a lot of power in being soft, in accepting the reality of the blow and redirecting the energy with insight.
There are few places I go where I know I'll find something that hits me just right.  On Being is one of those places that talks about things I already think about with people who sometimes think what I've thought or like to tackle topics I  hadn't thought about yet. At lunch today I went back to it for a little perspective and got this gem of a conversation.  It has so much pertinence for myself and so many people I know it is breathtaking.  I've never heard of Brené Brown, but apparently she's pretty popular. Click on the photo to listen.


Mr. Lentini said...

shame like the time you couldnt hammer a nail into a piece of wood, or shame like you listen to the dead? dooeeebooopbeeen boooo!

EditorialBoard said...

Or the shame that you couldn't get a nail into the same piece of wood and you have a man crush on Eddie Vedder? Jeremy's shpooookerrrrrrn!

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