Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Dollar Sign

Sometimes I hear a song on the radio and I think to myself, "Oh man, I love this band/composer/song writer.  Remember to remember this guy when people ask me who my favorite band/composer/song writers are." I then obsess about remembering and how great it will be to remember it when someone asks and how wonderful I'll feel to spill my secret favorite-beans.  I do the same sorta thing with film directors/films/authors.  Later, like right now later, I remember that there are these lists I'd hoped to keep current in my head only to find I'd forgotten nearly everything.  A six year old will remind you of just how much you've forgotten to keep categorized that way.
Tonight my son asked me who my favorite composer is, confidently declaring his to be Beethoven, then Bach, then Mozart before I can even answer.  I think for a moment, trying to muster something smart, trying to show a six year old that his father is better than some old tired and musty "big three." I start to say Dvorak, ponder Ravel (then remember what Ravel said about his own music, at least I sorta remember) and settle on Strauss.  I tell my son I love Strauss waltzes.  3/4 time, I say, nothing beats it. He is satisfied because my 3/4 time comment mystifies him.  Successfully showed that little twit who's boss, I think to myself. Then I realize that there are more than a few Strauss'.  There is Johan one and two, I know, and maybe there's a three and even a four.  And there are brothers in there too.  And I realize I don't know which one I like at all or even how I ought to spell Johan. The only thing I really know is that I like waltzes.  3/4 time.
I wonder what shape the Sandy Relief Recovery thing will take over time.  The media presence of the disaster has already started to wane a touch as if the whole thing is being taken care of, as if Governor Cuomo's quoted billions lost have somehow put a cap on the bleeding, as if publicly declaring a number somehow means real recovery is under way.  Well, we know how much money the world is out...


Mr. Lentini said...

huh? wha? I thought black flag was the best composer?

EditorialBoard said...

Yeah, well Wifey says it's Stravinsky. And apparently "Johan" is spelled "Johann". I've always wondered why I have that unnecessary D at the end of my name.