Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Capitulation. Resignation. Masturbation.

I will capitulate. I'll bend. I'll give in and I'll be broken. It happens all the time. I mean, it happened to my right knee not a few months ago and my left knee a few before that, so why not here, now? Basically I need to do some penance for something that isn't technically, immediately my fault, but for which I am the only one to blame. And so, a winter of spoils that wipes away the frustrating communal grime of last year's colossal wave-whimper but only adds only to my personal anguish. And for that I am truly sorry. And so, and so... I give you this. It contains so many things I'd rather not look at and hear, chief among them being the California mid-nineties sounding "punk" soundtrack, the fake lighting-flare-end-burn effects and a disgusting wave bounty to which I was not party to.

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Anonymous said...

Ci tried watching the same vid elsewhere this morning, and immediately stopped it cause of the tune. i can't stand that crap. but i tend to be a hater.