Friday, May 31, 2013



Anonymous said...

Big Whoop - They can nose ride, which is beyond overdone (yes, it takes a tad of talent) but when it's time to actually SURF the wave - they all look like groms - awkward and out of sync with the wave.
Boring vid to appeal to the Surf Lodge turds of summer

Toddy said...

Ah, well you miss whatever point I'm seeing. People who are having a great time. There are times when a good surf video is made out of standard surfers. The energy, the intention, that sense that the joy of the moment has actially been captured. Goid music and smiling faces. Does it take "talent" to noseride? I'm not so sure. Practice. Sometimes just the right board. The right wave. Talent is a bullshit term at this point. I'll bever stanch my love of the Juicyfruit commercial. It is in my blood.

Toddy said...

Commenting from an iPhone is a challenge too.