Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Today's Mastic Bureau Meanderings

I have been a suscriber of SURFER for over twenty years, I have always
considered the Steve Hawk era as editor my favorite. Steve left Surfer
during the dot com boom to work for all those forecasting companies,
and so it goes.  Anyway I started googling him on the train today
hoping to find some new writing, and I happened upon this gem:

“The day that Tony surfs better than I do is the day I shoot myself in
the head.”

Yes most dont know that Steve Hawk is Tony Hawk's older brother, the
brother 12 years his senior that bought him his first skateboard. That
skateboard is now in the Smithsonian

PS:Growing up skateboarding I was always on the bandwagon to rip on

the dorkyness of Tony Hawk, or the fact he was and still is one of the
only skateboarders that is a household name. The name guys probably
still yell out of car windows as your skating a curb in a parking lot.
Anyway as time went on and pro skateboarders dissapeared and
skateboarding friends stopped skateboarding, I realized something.
Yes Tony Hawk has boring style, but he's still ripping sooooooo hard in
his 40's And you know what? "Tony Hawk rules" he's funny, he
runs a great video channel on youtube that has great programming (Ride
Channel) and his son Riley Hawk has got damn good style. So now if I
am asked, I will proudly say "Yeah I like Tony Hawk he's a

PPS: back in the day it was all Hawk Vs. Hosoi, I would always side with the obvious Hosoi..he did huuuuge airs and had crazy style for days on end. Fast forward a bunch of years
and I now side with Hawk..Hosoi is born again and all preachy and he
dresses like a SoCal dad trying to be cool and fit in with the other
SoCal dads oh and also Tony Hawk's book was great and Hosoi's book was
crap (he left out I am sure 9 million great stories)

Blah Blah sorry for being way way to skatey and not surfy


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