Monday, July 29, 2013

Adventures in Gallerizing

Back to back surf-oriented shows are happening at the Picture Farm Gallery (AKA Picture Farm Production, AKA Picture Farm Post, AKA where I hang my hat). In honor of Bobby Fisher's current Surfer's Journal spread, we threw a party on Thursday and he he presented an expansive, yet tightly curated visual set that will adorn the walls for the next week or two.  Next up Bobby's work travels to the Out East Gallery in Montauk, so don't miss it there if you didn't see it here.

Right on the heels of that Reef will be four-walling Cyrus Sutton's Compassing film on August 15th with some residual visual documentation till the beginning of September. We aren't your standard, everyday gallery, more of a place where things happen including art.  So if you come by during the day and people are around, you know, doing stuff, don't be shy, take a look at the work.

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Celeste said...

This is cool!