Thursday, July 18, 2013

Bobby Fisher Presents his TSJ Portfolio at the Picture Farm Gallery

It's funny how it all works out.  The redoubtable Tyler Breuer will be presenting the second leg of this year's SMASH Fest at the Villains space in Williamsburg starting on July 25th, the same night Montauk-based photographer Bobby Fisher will be having an opening for his Surfer's Journal portfolio show at the Picture Farm Gallery a few blocks away.  On your way to, or your way from SMASH (or if the film you're after is sold out) stop by the gallery to drink a beer and look at some gorgeous surf photos writ large and presented properly. 

For more info about the Picture Farm Gallery, check all out here.

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o4trix said...

wish I could teleport to the east coast to check out the show, cheers from da w side