Monday, July 15, 2013

Just Passing Through, State of Disgrace, Questions Asked

Here in Bummerland we've been hiding from each other, from you and from ourselves.  A constant awkward shifting around, eyes darting back and forth, death breath at the ready.  It's been an awkward year for us.  All of a sudden mid-life separation anxiety has been replaced by late-thirties ineptitude in even the simplest of recursive browbeating. When did that goof Hugo Chavez die? Is Ed Snowden really a traitor?  Did that Zimmerman guy really get off the hook?  When will the NY mayoral race gravy train end?  How can I keep myself up at night with happy thoughts?  It all seems so far away. If my nose isn't failing me, is that Summer that just passed? Go out there and get yours and put ten percent of it in snail mail addressed to your future self.  Actually, it's when you're not trying that people seem to take notice.The wonderful Guillermo Orellana from the fine surf blog Tierra Y Mar sent me a bunch of questions the other day only moments before the lovely Smirti Keshari needled me for SMASH as well. Guillermo's salvo at breaking into my impenetrable fortress of rambles is here. Smirti's will be up soon I suppose, as they are probably trying to figure out how to make me sound like less of a know-nothing. Cus really, they're sweethearts those SMASHies.  And thanks Guillermo! We'll surf soon.


nsabich said...

Enjoyed the interview. You'll get Mastic surf shack up in no time and the autumn season will be unreal.

nsabich said...

Here's some inspiration for the colder months: "Decembah up Nawth"