Monday, October 7, 2013

Chateau Babylon

Foto Cred: Johnny Panessa's Fancy Camera

At some point we all have to build a place to surf.  For some people it is state of mind, a sort of metaphorical, emotional place that allows for surf. For other people, it is a lifestyle that enables maximum time to surf.  Still others move to geographic location that offers easy access to regular surf.  In my case, it is actually the building of a place from which to surf.  A house.  Or hut, as the case may be.  This weekend I installed the grey water disposal line and water taps for my kitchen sink, an amenity I'd heretofore had to do without.  The days of doing dishes in the corner of the yard, in the mud, with the garden hose, are finally over.  Suddenly the whole thing seems within reach.

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