Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Due Diligence

Endless Bummer, the New York no-surf blog, brings you the very latest in breaking no-surf news from the Big Apple. Every tantalizing drip and excruciatingly interesting drab of no-surf-surf-related news flows through the EBNY no-surf news aggregator like a well oiled surfy sieve.  Yes sir, you'll never want for all those compelling flat spell, blown out, rampant no-surf culture updates. We're like the TMZBuzzfeedTwitterTumblerCNNLollapalooza of daily, no, hourly!, no-surf news of the highest order.  When you're this good, see, they invite you.  They want you to come. And when you're this dedicated to getting the scoop, you go. And you go hard.  So without much further ado, here are the most recent tidbits for you, oh frothing reader:

Went to the Stephanie In The Water Hamptons Film Festival movie premiere on Saturday night in Montauk.  Here's the official EBNY 2nd Grade Homework Review:

Steph Gilmore surfs really really well.  She is very very competitive.  But she smiles alot. Once she got attacked and it really did a number on her but she overcame it to surf really really well again. The film is interesting.  The editing is dynamite. The score is fantastic. Steph Gilmore is super really tall and very pretty, especially in person.  Ida and Robinson are the raddest, most surf stoked kids in the neighborhood.

Also went to the opening of the brand new Patagonia Bowery Surf Super Store and Entertainment Megaplex last night.  Here's the official EBNY 2nd Grade Homework Recap:

The Patagonia Bowery surf shop is very large. Humongous. And they have pizza in the back and apple cider that has a funny taste.  The people there are really nice and tall.  It is a good place for pizza and doing homework. Down the street is a place called Anyway Cafe which is one of the greatest place ever.

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