Sunday, December 22, 2013

King Tide

Here at the Endless Bummer New York Surf No Surf Blog of Champions we leave no bit of reef unbleached, no puka shell unpredrilled, no bit of refuse unleft behind in hopes that a hermit crab would find a more aerodynamic, man-made home.  See, we believe in progress.  We believe in the power of fossil fuel inebriation. Plastics!  Carbon fibers! Lighter sneakers!  And of course it's all in the name of the Usually Day Late (shoulda been here yesterday) and Dollar Short (that beggar should have had a PayPal account.) In the spirit of turning a corner, any corner really (we're pretty desperate) we offer you today the burgeoning story of King Tide (erstwhile aka PacificLights.) Operating in the lazy shade of the now slightly defunct Greg's Surf & Art in Mission Beach (as our protagonist mentioned: only in California would you have a surf shop go out of business in favor of a marijuana dispensary) our man, Captain Kevin Curran makes the best of an economy that refuses to reuse, crafting wonderful and rugged looking hanging lamps out of the leftovers of big oil and gas tanks. I procured two myself, tickled at the thought that my environs might turn that much more rustico. 

A day late you ask? Well, it's a bit late for Hanukkah, and while Kwanzaa and Christmas have yet to pass, after our session at Sunset Cliffs yesterday, Kevin closed up shop for the year in favor of a visit to Steamboat Springs. A dollar short, your eyes narrow? Well, I'm always a dollar short.

Anyhow, you can order your gift array for Chinese New Year & Valentine's Day here.

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Anonymous said...


How have I not seen this? This is laugh out loud funny writing. Dude, bro- you've got a gift man.
The chronicler.

You're the surf blog guy. I love it!
Thanks for the write up.
2014 is going to a transformational year at king tide lights.
Water to wine!