Monday, December 30, 2013

Observations From A Surf Fabrication Volume 4

Validation! They cry. Validation! They scream. Instant Gratification is a thing of the (recent) past. Instant Validation is the thing of the moment. Validate my thing! They plead.
Dave says you only need to know 1200 words to be fluent in any language.
Casey is sure Terence McKenna is the source.
I heard about a website that allows women to publicly rate, anonymously, their old boyfriends. After being in Southern California for a couple weeks I figure I'll start a sister site that allows people to proclaim fatwa-like edicts against cars that've cut them off in traffic. Road rage writ digital! Go get that guy! They didn't use their blinker! He was a mama's boy! He didn't pay for dinner! He paid for dinner! These things could get confusing.
Soft Top Revolution is still in full effect. This morning 6.6 tide smashing upon the rocks didn't bother me one bit. The 45˚ air temp was more daunting.
Puppies are cute. They poop and pee a lot. My son is stoked.

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