Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Enjoy Yourself.

The sun peaks through a little earlier every morning.
My plans to get out of dodge at strategic moments during my son's school breaks have dwindled to naught.
My dog grows ever larger, less soft, but no less fuzzy.
Life jangles along, the bits and pieces of the dangling overstuffing dragging along side the gypsy wagon, collecting muddy artifacts that will tell a story to someone when we get there.
My knees knew better, my elbow certainly knows no worse and my sinuses have weathered storms of equal quality, but nothing could ever have prepared me for the old age that is.
This has been what I've been longing for.

My friend Braden took photos during an interview with the great Godfrey Reggio. It is worth a read.

And here is this, via these people.

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Anonymous said...

yes, to all of this! lovely post