Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Clic le pic.

New York based thinking surfer DS Mattison is the Editor-in-Chief of this one, hot off the digital presses. Yet another reason to maintain a toe hold in this environment so unkind to surfing.

"Canon is the sole interdisciplinary student-run magazine of the NSSR. The magazine is an open forum for scholarship and perspectives for subjects in and out of academia. Canon is not associated with any single discipline and uniquely aims to represent the scholarly passion of the entire NSSR student body.
From 1988 to today the publication now known as Canon has gone through a variety of transformations. The Newsletter of the Students of the Graduate Faculty began as a brainchild of the newly formed Student Senate in order to keep students informed about university happenings. As it developed into a platform to voice concerns the publication was briefly re-named Rant and Rave.
Never was this outlet more important than during the uprising of 1997 when a misunderstanding regarding the observance of Black History month and the Holocaust caused students to organize and dissent. At this time it was re-titled Canon as a tongue-in-cheek reference to the type of curriculum the New School has always strived to overturn.
Since then Canon’s tone and content has been a veritable rollercoaster ride, subject to the whims of the shifting student editorial staff. In 2001 Canon launched its website and in 2006 went completely online.
In Fall 2010, the print version was resurrected as a means to place Canon back in the hands of the students who provide its content. It was a major success. Moving into the spring, we editors seek to maintain an academic core for Canon to showcase the intellectual diversity of our peers. At the same time we also desire to retain the New School’s tradition of institutionalized dissent by providing a forum for critical student voices."

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