Friday, April 25, 2014

More Zombie Apocalypse

Dear Reader,

 It is with a heavy heart that I must reveal that this blog will soon end.
Thanks to the increased pressure of time slipping into the future and corporate fat cat fascism,  I will need to fly like an eagle to the sea.
Fly like an eagle, letting my spirit carry me.
Do do, do do.
Do do, do do.
In fact, our system of government, no longer a democracy, has morphed into some sort of techoplutocrioligarchic bureaucracy.
There isn't even red tape. At least someone could cut that stuff.

Thanks for following my inability to surf consistently in my mid-age dotage.
I hope to see you in the water soon.

With respect and gratitude,


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Anonymous said...

the bummer never ends

kelvin freely said...

I'm not sure this is yours to end. I mean, this thing is bigger than you. It's bigger than two of you.

EditorialBoard said...

It's true, It has nothing to do with me. But someday you'll have to pay extra to experience shitty blogs like this. And you won't want to, cause, see, it's shitty and you"ll be all like "why would I pay extra to read a shitty blog?" and I'll be all, "yeah and why would I want to pay extra to publish a shitty blog?" and the fascist asshole bad people will be laughing, even though they won't know exactly why, but they'll be just chuckling while they drink their clean water from the last usable springs while we drink the double purified water. And all the water will be expensive too, but those lords of the planet over there, our hundos feel like their pennies to them so they'll just ship those coins out as they are just going right back into their own pockets anyhow see, they don't realy have to pay for anything.

AJ said...

Thus an Un-fillable hole in the rare surf/culture/theory discourse. For sure. But stoked for you.