Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Spring Sing

One night last week my digestive system took a holiday to Bombay, foolishly eating some street curry rotisserie pepper-encrusted prickly pear dipped in Ganges death ash dipping sauce, only to find its way back to my unsuspecting rest-of-body before sunrise. All this as my surf oriented gear laid waiting patiently next to the door for the pre sunrise dash. The 4:30 AM alarm not only woke the rest-of-my-body but also jarred the prodigal-bit-of-my-body from its recently started jet-lag induced nap, making it a very groggy, very grumpy, very unfortunately awake bit-of-my-body. This was all terrible and has been since. Not my favorite way to miss the spring season of good surf, of which there has been in spades. I'd love to complain more, but just go root around the internet for whatever images you can find from the last week around here. If you weren't there, and weren't surfing wherever you are, you'll do all the complaining yourself.

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