Thursday, May 22, 2014

Happening: Jan Drojarski & Martyna Szczesna

This seems too interesting to pass up.  A surfing sculptor, having spent time on Kauai learning craft, is inspired by the art of shaping surf craft and produces a show of alaia's and hand planes exhibiting in Southern Brooklyn. The sort of art-meets-surf-meets-craft sorta thing that New York produces in oft-hidden spades

"The completion of a recent project where I made a large group of alaia's and a larger complementary set of hand planes for body surfing.  These forms represent the first functional objects I've made for the market place in over 15 years.  Typically I work as a sculptor and painter and what you get in my primitive boards is a unparalleled attention to detail without sacrificing functionality.

My motivations for this project are at once deeply personal, cultural, historical, physical, and technical. 

As a much younger man I spent my first years in the work force on the island of Kauai apprenticing with a master furniture maker.  It was there I learned the secrets of working with exotic hardwoods and ancient hand joinery techniques.  It is there I also learned to surf.  I do not use power tools to make my boards.  I am not a backyard shaper and I am not a surf brand. 

On the evening(6pm-10pm) of Saturday May 24, 2014 I am hosting a event in our Red Hook space to commemorate the completion of my winters work of making a large group of ancient Polynesian inspired surfboards.  In conjunction with my project I have included a installation by my friend the sculptor and photographer Martyna Szczyna.

Refreshments generously provided by our neighbors at SixPoint Brewery."

The show will run for 2 weeks starting the 24th through June 7th.

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