Monday, May 12, 2014

Happening : This Weekend of Surfing in New York

It is one of those weekends during one of those months you're glad you're a surfer in New York.
Fish Fry, Board Swap, Zak Bush and Big O...
PF Gallery will be open this weekend from noon to six Saturday and Sunday.
This weekend we're featuring the Zak Bush Revisions show augmented by a Naomi Kazama and Mike Ming selected works pop up. They'll also be coming fresh from their DamNation stint at the Patagonia Soho and Pata Bowery stores with their live screen printing gear hot in hand to screen print the crap out of your crap. Or buy an organic cotton t-shirt or similarly eco-friendly used Patagonia gear fresh with fresh art applied.

The Fish Fry is happening! Finally. Look out for all the "It Doesn't Not Work" shapes floating around.
Also both the Annual Pilgrim Board swap and the Kara Walker Domino Sugar Factory show are two blocks in either direction of the PF Gallery.
And we'll be attempting to BYOB BBQ in Brooklyn Aloha fashion.

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