Tuesday, May 6, 2014

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I have two favorite Häagen Dazs ice creams. No, three. Swiss Almond Vanilla, Banana Split and Caramel Cone. It is in the opposite order that I could conceivably (and likely) sit down to eat, in one sitting straight, 14 fluid ounces of that particular ice cream flavor.

Banana Split has been a regular Häagen Dasz flavor for what I think is a couple years now. So when wifey brought home the "regular" flavor banana split in a special black and purple container emblazoned "limited edition" there could only be two reasons.

1. Banana Split flavored Häagen Dasz sales have been very slow and while they faze it out, they are kind enough to let the Banana Split flavor aficionados know in none too subtle, yet kindly manner.

2. This was a very old 14floz of Häagen Dasz ice cream, dating back to before Banana Split was promoted to a stand-by.

This prompted me to check out the expiry date on the bottom of the container.  March062015 in digital read-out lettering. That's about a year from now. Dairy lasting a year.

I am no longer going to purchasing Häagen Dasz ice cream to eat at home. Sure, if out and about and in need of ice cream, I will indulge, but dairy that doesn't die doesn't belong in my groceries.

Flor told Marina she thinks preservatives stay in our body and preserve our fat in unnatural ways. I think that's a truly intelligent hypothesis.


kelvin freely said...

dude, banana split has been around for over a decade. wake the fuck up

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