Friday, May 2, 2014

The Surfy Season Is Upon Picture Farm

Well, it never really isn't is it? I just liked the alliteration of those esses.  Tonight at Picture Farm Gallery Zak Bush we will welcome Zak Bush's photo show in style. He has conjured a concise vision of his process of past and future explorations and will also be presenting a film projection. All manner of libations will flow, lots of nice people will show up and my dog will probably be there. It is also, of course, as always, a family friendly event, the front room being cordoned off as Tallulah's clubhouse. 6 to ten, with the requisite after party drink special fun happening at the Crown Vic around the corner.

But wait, there's more...

Tomorrow night Picture Farm Gallery starts a weekend conversation about design, process, failure and success in the context of surfboard shaping. David Murphy of Imaginary Surf Co. and Ty Breuer of SMASH will be hosting "It Doesn't Not Work" that will include local experimenters like Jeff Taylor, Thomas Nicolich, Brian Wegerofsky, JD San Jose, Chris Spadazzi, Matt McGregor Mento, Neil Berenholz, Glenn de Castro, Papa Planes, Imaginary Surf Co, Wax Surf Co and Matador Surfboards. And whoever else shows up with something interesting under their arm and a story to tell. Wanna see some funky shapes, talk speak something vaguely interesting and gain some perspective on how you too can become a surfboard maker, this will be the golden opportunity of a lifetime of close calls and near defeats.

Buy the seat but only use the edge...

IDNW will also moonlight as an informal formal board swapping opportunity. If you've got a board to sell, or are looking for something not so fresh off the grill, show up with cash and/or board and an open mind.

And you thought it ended there...

In two weeks time our very own Naomi Kazama will be flying in form Japan, and his very own Mike Ming will be joining him at PF Gallery for a weekend pop up of screen printing, high art and good times. Stay tuned for more info on that!

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