Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Today's Best Surf Video Ever

Within a couple moments of logging into Facebook today, we were confronted with two videos. On the one hand, a television advert The Inertia claims is "the best surf commercial...a must-see" ironically made by a non-surf brand. On the other, a home video of a jazz band playing When The Saints Go Marching In to a bunch of road-side cows, a video this blog contends is the greatest bit of surf advertising we've come across lately. Also ironically made by a non-surf brand.

You be the judge.


Rebecca Olive said...

Toddy! That made my day. That clip of the jazz and the cows was absolutely wonderful.

As for the other one... Gah. What a crock. Trust 'The Inertia' to promote it with such a click bait tag line. I really hate stupid commercials that continue with the 'Only a surfer knows the feeling' schitck.

(Although, I did really like the image of the guy jumping off the clip. That was cool).

This is The Best Surf Blog Ever - A Must Read.

Thanks a bunch for the jazz and for the cows. And for all the other awesome, original, clever things you post.

EditorialBoard said...

Aaawwwrrrwrrrrrr. Thanks Ms. Olive.

Nick Carroll said...

The cows shit on that other thing. In their bovine way, they seem way more stoked.