Monday, August 11, 2014

Gracias Bertha.

According to somebody, at some point, there are more than a handful of ways to skin a cat. In the case of quality summer surf sessions in New York, well, I suppose there are just as many permutations. In the past week we've been treated to nearly every single shade. I enjoyed only three (as work took me out of town as soon as the fun began) but they were three about as good as you (I) can get.

1. Tuesday The Fifth MidDay Slush Slop Session of Goodness : the wind turned, but it didn't matter.
2. Wednesday The Sixth Dawn Patrol Bertha Perfection : heaving, duck-in perfection.
3. Sunday The Tenth Family Morning Body Whomp and Soft Top Extravaganza : two kids, two dads, two soft tops and more fun than you can shake a stick at.

I'm not sure why I need to commemorate this week with such thin fanfare. I just don't have much to say other than true words of gigantic gratitude.

Next week we will pick up normal blog activity as we go Best Coasting. Stay tuned for tales of Pacific pride.

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