Sunday, October 12, 2014

Gifting Season! King Tide Season!

The overwhelming tidal wave of buythisism vomit is nearly upon us. We will find ourselves confronted with a sound wall of pervasively persuasive insidiousness akin to a viciously harassing cultural attack dog of useless consumerism. Inevitably you too will be bowed low to the reign of abject terror that, in later private regard, you'll only have to admit was foisted upon your dominion by no other deceitful character than yourself. You will hang your head low knowing you let yourself down yet again.

But there is hope.

We here at the Endless Bummer No Surf Surf Blog of Second Place Finishers will try to steer your conscience straight as the season gets on. And as is our way, if we don't remember to do it now, we will forget to do it later, and our aim, as always, is at least true in intention if not everything else that is necessary in "doing right."

So, without further ado... We kick off the EBNY 2014 Stupid Season Gift Giving guide with an incredible gift, hand made by a PhD of Evolutionary Biology (and fellow surfer) who also happens to craft these lovely, recycled hanging lights when he's not solving mysteries.

I own one myself and have had the immense joy of giving them as gifts to wildly joyous effect.

Take a cue from us! Start your thoughtful thought process early! Don't let it sneak up on you, forcing you to make choices that don't better our universe! Take care! Do Good!

If you must give gifts... at least give good ones.

Click the picture of the bird. It will fling you to this amazing world of crafty goodness.

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curran said...

What I like about T-bone Stewart could fill a book.