Monday, November 10, 2014

This Week In Not Surfing

We here at the Endless Bummer Surf Blog of Not Surfing And When We Do Surf, Quite Disappointingly have finally entered the 21st Century. It was not enough to blog, vlog, tweet, face and insta. No, now we can nyc. Or dotnyc. Or That's right, we've invested our hard earned monopoly money in a coveted .nyc hashtag dotcom domain. All so that you, who already know exactly where we are, can find us even easier.  This in the face of not surfing for another week. Take that landlubbers!

In other news... the guy with ebola doesn't have ebola anymore. But you wouldn't know because the news cycle has passed on the whole topic. Ebola simply isn't grabbing the ratings numbers it was a few days ago. I think we might be back to the "so called" Isis now. At some point a gunman shooting up the Canadian parliament was trending, but I think we moved on from that to the utter demise of sensible, bicameral political processes.

This sort of scrupulously capricious approach to journalism reminds me of only one thing; this uncanny ability to flit between irrational peaks and desperate valleys with such startling consistency and yet with such inscrutable pell mell draws only one conclusion; there is only one other place I see these sorts of gesticulating patterns: the roller coaster called "me."

It is here and now then, typing these very words, that I finally see the apotheosis of the human condition and the we-are-all-one-living-organism kind of mumbo jumbo theory coming into full light. This slap dash, incoherent and slavish adherence to such formally erratic behavior is the last and final proof that we are all one with the cosmos, baby. If libraries be our accumulated aggregate intelligence, then cable news is our wildly pulsating collective emotional response.

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