Friday, December 26, 2014

The Boy's Journey Kickstarter... Part One

Here at the Endless Bummer New York No Surf Surf Blog of Champions we try to constantly innovate, periodically evolvate and even haphazardly percolate. In our constant search for new ways to talk about whatever it is we like to talk about, we've noticed there are few people talking about whatever it is we like to talk about, namely, not surfing. Or rather, and more precisely, the subtle things that happen in and around, before and after and leading up to the act of surfing. This includes, of course, the formative years, for both children and adults, that shape and codify the personal definition of what it means to be a surfer. In this, we endeavor to have a frank conversation, to set things straight, if you will. Really maybe all we're doing is setting things curvy, but we're obviously fine with that too.

Please take a moment to watch our film and check out our Kickstarter project. We're going to make a different sort of surf film. An educational, inspirational surf film from a different perspective, following a different set of expectations.

We think it can be a start of something relatively new.
 Have a look, and help us if it feels worthy!

Over the coming weeks we'll be posting up teasers and fun factoid videos leading up to our journey.
Stay tuned here and on our EndlessBummerNY Instagram of Champions.

 The Boy's Journey on Kickstarter !!!

And hear more about it in this section of our podcast...

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