Saturday, December 6, 2014

This Week In Not Surfing

I will start out this week's This Week In Not Surfing by addressing the biggest news story during this particular news cycle: The Ferguson and Garner cases, which seem to be nothing more or less than the tip of the ice berg. Maybe it's the same ice berg that they're all denying is melting. Seems so. It is worth pointing out, I think, that as we talk about cop culture and the police brutality it begets, that cop culture is nothing more than popular culture writ uniformed (and armed) (and seemingly unaccountable.) That is to say as long as we glorify the aggressive over the submissive, the strong over the vulnerable, there will be no positive evolution. It is not the cop's fault. They're just us.

And now...

This week, in not surfing, we continue our flirtation with hearing our own voices. Deeply addicting for narcissists like us. Antonio joins me in the studio for an in depth discussion on... Oh! And in honor of this inaugural second podcast we made a bad video. Because we are bad video makers.

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