Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happening Tonight : Cluster at ForgetMeNot

Surf videos have always skirted the line into the art film genre.
The sly voiceover, slide-show style morphing into LSD burnout color dial morphing into a slavish repetition with a jarring soundtrack, all set to the beat of strategically amateur-style technical quality with a high dependence on an insider cultural knowledge (or at least deep pockets of patience for self-important hijinks.)

Maybe that all sounds like churlish damnation, but in this I think the surf community actually offers up something of a last-bastion, or at least a current haven, for the art of the art film. (Well, the surf filmmaking community plus a good portion of art school undergrads, also an all-too-often maligned archival source of cultural translation.)

Anyhow, Kai Neville is among the vanguard of the current movement and his films offer a good dose of the ridiculous married to a fantastic dose of the sublime.
Tonight at ForgetMeNot at 138 Division Street.

 Go get inspired.

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