Monday, April 20, 2015

Happening : This Weekend at PF Gallery... In Ellipses and Acronyms.

Recently I was made aware of FOMO... or Fear Of Missing Out. Apparently this has been a diagnosed social media generated affliction for some time, leaving me yet again to suffer my own reoccurrence of FOKNAA... or Fear Of-Not Knowing Anything Anything. I learned about it from this article which detailed the new cool term FOGO... or Fear Of Going Out. This instantly piqued in me a dormant autoimmune fever of FOKMUB... or Fear Of Knowing Much Bullshit.

The article did casually brush the sideburns of something I've been feeling lately. A sort of Instagram Life Crisis I've been experiencing. Or, I suppose, ILC. my instagram feed is a veritable constant vomit stream of gorgeous, and not so gorgeous, surf imagery. Of surfers surfing and waves waving and people generally getting better at, or the better of, something that is pretty much paramount to my existence... while I am not. There, I said it. Existence. Existential. And earlier, crisis.

So now you know where my head's been at.

Anyhow, get off your silly, worried buttocks and head down to the once-definitely-less-hip-but-now-hilariously-more-hip-Southside-of-Williamsburg this Friday night and experience the healing qualities of gorgeous surf imagery in the flesh. A turn of events that will spell out a sure bout of GoDIGIDiT... or God Damn I'm Glad I Did That.

And then Saturday and Sunday figure a way to repeat the trek for IDNW... or It Doesn't Not Work.
You'll get a sort of mild acid flashback of GoDIGIDiT, I promise.

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