Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Becoming Westerly for Nowness

A few years ago Jamie told me about this crazy project he was involved in, documenting and writing a book about this surfing superstar pursuing a sex change in his later years. I wanted to be part of it right off the bat. I had a few good talks with Jamie and Alan, his co-director on the film side of it, but the pressures of keeping a business afloat knocked me out of contention to help edit the thing. A little while ago Jamie rang up, and asked if I wouldn't step back in for a quickie on his book's behalf, crafting a little trailer piece from bits of the documentary-in-progress. His editor was neck deep in finishing the feature, but was incredibly generous enough to let me comb through some footage and make a piece for Nowness.
Jamie's book is a must read, as much for anything surfy as for the interest and psychology of watching someone find themselves and all that entails.
I'm stoked I finally got to be part of this journey.


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