Thursday, September 17, 2015

"Can Surfing Reprogram the Veteran’s Brain?"

I've been wondering a lot about this lately. Having felt the utter emotional confusion that sets in when I'm not in the water for extended periods of time, and having my resilience at moments like those eroded by what I assume is the body's natural flagging due to age, I've been wondering just how medically beneficial, truly scientifically physically gaugeable surfing might be for mental. I read about the autistic kids who get sorted by going surfing and of course I have my own experience of brain-wave massaging and post-surf bliss that seems to make my life better. It struck me the other day in a conversation with a friend that that "wavelength massage" might sort out any number of traumas.

Click le pic.

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Bill said...

"Surfers" know that surfing can temporarily remove any malware from the brain ANYTHING bad it seems disappears as soon as I hit the water. Well I went through some pretty gnar stuff and it has all but taken care of those kind of issues