Tuesday, October 27, 2015

"A Bit Too Much Drone. But the Last 26 Seconds. Jesus." (or) "F 4k. 70mm or Bust."

First, let's all watch that. Watch it. Take it in. It's the best surf film you'll see all year. Ok, it's not a surf film. Not like this is a surf film. But it's an amazing piece of art that may be one of the better amazing pieces of art you see until 2016. I am in awe of this. Just great.

 Second, the JJF "Blue Moon" trailer dropped and it is the trailer for a real surf film. A more quintessential surf film full of incredible locales, breathtaking waves and savant surfing. The whole way through I was just hating it. For the better part of the length of the clip I was quietly grinding out all the things I could possibly say about this overblown piece of cinematic puff pastry. All that wasted gasoline in the service of visual masturbation when a little bathroom-bound internet connection would do. All that expected we've-seen-it-before-just-not-this-good footage of mind-blowing grandeur. The absolutely hideous voice over.

But then... then..
The final minute hit. And my stupid brain shut up.


Sabrina Phillips said...

where can you watch this in nyc area?

EditorialBoard said...

Well Sabrina, I dunno yet. When it hits the big screen here, I'll say something...