Friday, December 18, 2015

Kelly Slater's Wavepool

I lied. I lie a lot. I surfed this morning with Ty Breuer. And Antonio Sanchez. And Mike Ming. And the skinny guy with a face screwed up like he's not having a good time and surfs really fast and uses his fins instead of his rails too much. And a small friendly contingent of Little Tokyo. And a couple older longboard guys who keep their legs splayed a touch too wide when they paddle. And then Ty dropped by for lunch and showed me this. Mesmerizing. I don't dig how many times Kelly Slater feels like he has to proclaim that it's the best wave pool ever made. But that's his schtick. He's a competitor. He's one of the great alpha competitors of all time. So I guess that will sneak out.
A Few Instant Reactions:
1. "Great now all these assholes will show up at the local with a bagful of technique honed on some perfect fake wave and try to impose a new fangled lineup meritocracy based on technique honed on some perfect fake wave. Right at the moment in my life where my body has given up wanting to get into a punch up. Just great."
2. "Jesus, how great would it be to spend a few days a year honing my technique on a perfect fake wave."
3. "Remember that time I posted 76 times in a single month? Mind blowing from this range."
4. "How likely is it that Thought One is already happening in some form and I'm just too delusional to accept it?"

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