Wednesday, December 16, 2015

This Week In Not Surfing : Star Wars Spoilers! The Real Inside Stuff!

1. Ty Breuer asked if I could go surfing Friday. I write it just so as to reflect how much my life has devolved into an immature, uncontrolled state regarding one of my great passions. "Mom! Ty asked if I could go play! Can I go?" "Did you do your homework?" "Awww come on, I'll get it done..." Except there's no Mom. And the only homework I have to do is the stuff I've screwed up all for myself. And then there's the little problem of a broken zipper on my wetsuit.  And the problem of not quite having the expeditionary finances to set to task finding me a new one. I reckon I'll fix the zipper given time, but a new winter suit sounds so nice. I could do with both! Right? I need those non-existent dollars to march.

2. Star Wars. I have tickets to take my nine year old to the opening in New York tomorrow night. I think I might have to dodge out of work early to hold our place in line so we can sit together. Or at least not have our noses pressed to the screen. We'll have to diagram out some contingency plans tonight. Priorities, see.

3. I've been spotting more and more clips of soft top mayhem. Yesterday I watched a clip of that Brazilian world champion riding one in the shore pound. Looked like so much fun. I thought "Hey! That's how I look when I ride my soft top!" But it isn't.

4. Star Wars. I read a review this morning that said Luke Skywalker isn't Rylo Ken. I'm not sure I believe it, and it's still my favorite conspiro-jumping-shark-gothcha theory. But I did find out, somewhat belatedly, that Domhnall Gleeson (doʊnəl ˈɡliːsən) is playing a bad guy in the film. If you don't think you know much about Domhnall (doʊnəl) just remember he is a son of the Irish actor who played the part of the blues singer who throws a milkshake at a recording studio window. He also played the son of the English actor with the whithery hands and effete voice in the movie about a family of time travelers.

5. I likely won't be surfing Friday.

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