Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Dictation Pidgin on a Wednesday Night in the Tub

Did you given moment at each given moment at each given moment I had multiple moments at multiple moments you are shamed. The inequities pile up. The small sandpaper the small grit the small the fine grit sandpaper her that his life chafingand chafing running away at your insecurities not rubbing them away button flaming them. Everything feels like a slight everything feels like it wasn't meant like it was meant and and even if it weren't similarities to great he cannot overcome them indignities that we Conger that one conjures that he conjures himself herself. Because in each corner at each step around each corner through that door crawling through that window always looking for the window because who wants to go through the front door that would entail too much honesty. There is no difference between the small things and the big things fine grit and the larger nubbly ones is all sandpaper sometimes it is a flame smoke burns the eyes the smell of burning hairof which he can only smell she can only smellThe indignities the first world problems the indignities The small aching pains the sharp poignant ones like when you stretch out your foot and becomes taught painful unresponsive tight stiff excruciating for a moment and then you please wait and then you place weight on it wait W EEI GH T on it and the pain subsides under the pressure of your body. They are first world problems the pain in the thought that spasm that rigor mortis the first world problem and you live and she lives and he lives in the first world so the problem is a problem. Ending Denny's in dignities our problem made he makes she makes he makes observed observed like a right right R I T E that kind of right. And observance and observance and AN observance they have it but you'll have been Chewalla ritual of the jewel habit habit habit habit she will have a bit she will have the jewel habitual yes habit habit habit. And addiction and AN addiction the small things pinpricks uncomfortable elbows bad bad bad bad Bad bad bad bad bed bed thank you. A bad BDBEDBEDB space East space D space. It is the small things and they heard not because they hurt but because you're experiencing because she experiences them because he experiences them because it is experienced as such pain suffering inconsequential ignored unappreciated besieged guilty very guilty and also terribly unrealistic festively unrealistic fast studious Festus Festus F a D a I ST a I DO US F a STE I DE I O US Festus Festus fast idiots Festivus fast it is fast idiots fast if ES fast odious fast if yes. Fast if yes fasted this. Pain is relative she knows she knows pain is contextual contextual and he experiences it hourly. On purpose with purpose without purpose not on purpose except for the day he decided that he wasn't worth it that no one thought he was worth it though not him early suddenly that no one thought he was worth it and he's never believed it since and he looks across the table at her and sees it in her two together her to TOL TOL TOL 02 they are not worth it he sees it a mirror of himself a mirror that says we are not worth it.

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