Sunday, March 20, 2016

It Doesn't Not Work 2016

That's right, the little design symposium cum sidewalk barbecue cum slap happy good time that could is on for its third year at the Picture Farm Gallery space. The brainchild of a quick powwow brainstorm during one of our show openings a few years ago become a real living and breathing get-together show & tell.

This year we have scheduled the event to happen on the same weekend as the Long Beach Fish Fry, swell permitting, so there might just be the added dimension of test rides.

We're also looking forward to exhibiting Andreea Purcaru Waters photos from her book SURF NYC during the event, celebrating this talented local surf historian's keen observations.

It's always a family event filled with stories, high fives, fist bumps, hand shakes and free hugs. Not to mention an impromptu sensibility that you just don't find so often in the dazed, overthunk and hyper stylized environs of NYC living.

Prospective participants can submit their works of art, failure and middling successes at the IDNW website. The show is free of charge and open to all ages, surfer and gawker alike. For those not so in the know, it is a perfect moment to acquaint yourself with some of the best parts of surf culture and ask all the dumb questions about surfboard design that have been burning a hole in your mental pocket.

Simply put, it's my favorite show we put on at PF Gallery. The vibe just can't be beat.

Check out to see the full story and submit a surf craft!

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