Wednesday, April 20, 2016

This Week In Not Surfing

1. I did not surf. I should be clear about that first. And when I sit down to the computer I feel my belly budge out over my belt just a little more. The weather is changing and I am not surfing and it is getting lighter earlier in the morning which means I could be surfing but I am not surfing because I am not demanding the time to surf. And I am entirely too ambivalent about this. I should be angry and pissed and raging and perhaps that's happening deep down and soon I will explode into the surfless asshole I know I can become, but for now, for some reason I am simply emotionally inert about it.

2. I was not emotionally inert about Bernie vs. Hillary. I was engaged, mentally. I abhor Hillary's record. I cringe at Bernie's simplistic proclamations. A woman president would be amazing. A Jewish Socialist president would be great. I am a registered independent in New York apparently, but I put in an affidavit ballot anyhow. Made me feel good even if it won't count. My wife and I voted for different people, both more or less protest votes in our own ways. This make me happy.

3. This Week's Word. "Consequel" : occurring in antecedent order based on the sufficient/necessary conclusions of an abstracted or conceptualized sensibility.

4. Today I walked out of my home wearing jeans and a jeans jacket. Three blocks on the trot to my studio and I realized too late. Shame is mine.

5. Life just isn't a movie trailer where you get to say one one-liner after another. Otherwise my week would have been filled up with me pithily repeating things like, "Death knells and coffin nails!" and "Things je care about... and things je don't!"

6. On Monday a Columbia University student named Katie showed up at my studio wanting to record an interview for Uptown Radio about surfing in New York. When I asked her how she found me and she replied "I did a Google search for New York Surf Blog and your's was the top one." I gave her Ty Breuer's email address.

7. Bill Finnegan won a Pulitzer.  God, I loved that book.

8. Addendum. Amazing what sound bites half an hour of interview will offer. I use the word "rolling" I think. I didn't use the word "breakers" thank god. And when she mentions I've been surfing in New York for nearly 20 years? I've lived here for 16 and it took me at least couple to figure out where the beach was.  I'm just glad she took my advice and found Ty.

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