Monday, June 19, 2017

Happening: Jamie Brisick in Convo

Jamie burst upon my surf scene thanks to a handful of appearances in the late 80s surf magazines I was furtively sneaking into my mom's shopping basket. Burst may be just generous enough a verb to actually cover his real appearance in my life some 22ish years later. Chris Gentile called up from the Mollusk shop, saying Jamie had some time to kill and an interest in talking turkeym offering to send him around the corner to my studio for a hello. When I got off the phone with Chris, I was thinking "Cool! Jamie Brisick!" knowing exactly why I knew who Jamie was, just unable remember which. Which surf guy from my youthful fascination was he, his name like a clear bell tone bouncing around the inside of my skull. Once I laid eyes on him I could almost remember the very cutback from one of the Surfing photos. I think I probably still have those mags somewhere in a box. Anyhow, since that time he's impressed himself into my esteem with a strength I would not have foreseen. A true intellect, a very good writer, a fine surfer and a lovely person, I am sure this is an event not to miss.

"We are proud to be presenting Jamie Brisick, a prolific contributor to the culture of surfing, for an evening of surf literature, film, and photography. Jamie Brisick has spent more than four decades deeply immersed in surfing, first as a professional surfer in the '80s and '90s, and since then as a writer, photographer, and filmmaker. An author of several books, an editor of international surf magazines, and a Fulbright scholar, he is an astute observer of the culture. In conversation with Chris Gentile, founder of Pilgrim Surf + Supply, and through a selection of his photographs, Jamie will discuss his life in surfing, as well as show excerpts from a few of his favorite surf films, which include Jack McCoy's Stormriders, Greg Schell's Chasing the Lotus, and Alby Falzon's Morning of the Earth." 

Read more about the event and buy tickets here.


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