Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Angus Buys a Seppo Board


A Purchase at Mollusk with Michael Machemer 10/23/2007
Music: Art Blakey


Toddy said...

Sorry about the aspect ratio. Everyone looks a little smooshed. I''ll try and figure that out and repost at some point.

Gustav said...

I like the blog title alot more than vid's title! Who the f%&k is Doug anyway...and remember Todd...u said it (the "S" word)!Not me!..thanks for doing that dude..looks great...can't wait to put more turns in on it!!!
See u in the soup!

Julien said...

I just found your blog randomly; i am the guy who was in the train with you to Long Beach the next morning of your purchase. Ha ha, so funny to see in "live" what we discussed about.



Anonymous said...

Really good. Liked the commentary and the background music. Post some more videos!