Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Angus Send Off/ Mollusk Satellite Screening Official Slide Show

If you watch the entire slide show and satisfactorily answer a tricky post-show questionnaire, Antonio will buy you dinner.


Kris said...

i made it through the whole thing. i swear.

Kris said...

"text receptacle" is my favorite part.

Toddy said...

Jeez Kris. Now I'll have to come up with that tricky question. I'll email it to you. No, I'll have antonio email it to you.

Anonymous said...

i did it!
now i feel like i actually did something today.

thanks guys!

gustav said...

I actually sat through the whole thing aswell, u guys are a great comedy really...u should book shows...what a was the best of was the blurst of times....stupid alcohol!

Good Times..shit...i miss it!

toddy said...

Hey! Angus!
Good to hear from you!
Hope the Great White South is treating you as you'd hoped.