Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Good, The Bad and The Trini

Leslie Caron & Mel Ferrer on the lament.


Christian said...

Love it. I like the jerkiness of the camera and the music. It looked like a mellow sesh.

Surfsister said...

Who's the dark guy? Don't you know black folks can't swim, so of course they don't surf. They don't go anywhere near water!

Nice video (but tell that dark guy, who may not be black, he'd better wear better sunscreen or people will think he's black). ;-)

toddy said...

Heh, I'll have to convince Everard (and everyone else) that he doesn't know how to surf. You know, put him in his place.

I've had that water housing buried in my office for a few years and just found it. Funny what we forget about. The camera doesn't fit in it too perfectly so it jangles a little bit in there. An effect I'll have to live with.

sinned said...

Great Video!! Hey Toddy-- I still have your friends drinking helmet! haaaa

toddy said...

I think he prolly needs it down there!