Thursday, August 7, 2008

More Memories-As-Cautionary Tales from the Santa Cruz Bureau

Springtime 2oo4
Music by Charles Mingus

"I and the usual crew spent 3 days in Baja for Benji's bachelor party. Head high mostly empty surf all trip. I was out the whole time. Sam joined me now and then. Derol who's a good surfer, lives blocks from the beach and hasn't surfed in a decade, refused to surf with me. I begged, but Jon's diet of cigarette's and 'margs' was apparently too delicious.
After the trip we're back at the Conch and Derol finally gives in. 2 ft crap.
Sam, Derol and I. Tons of fun.
Afterward Tommy served us drinks at the Four Seasons bar, while Derol went on and on about how he loves surfing.
4 years later he hasn't surfed since."

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