Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Official Endless Bummer Reader Contest Blog-Title Design Contest Entries- Please Vote (right there, to the right, right there)


from LouJoe


from chris mueller


From the Santa Cruz Bureau


from Tad Wagner


from the Melbourne Bureau

Alternate "color" version


from the Brooklyn Bureau



from Mick Sowry


Poll closes Friday the 19th of December (click link below to learn more)
The Endless Bummer Reader Blog-Title Design Competition

(vote for this entry in special addendum poll)


from alex casimir


scs said...

I put my vote in but have to note that no image appeared for category "D."

jack said...

"A" should win by landslide. A butt dressed as cowboy on a treadmill? Brilliant. I'd like to see "A" win, and hopefully my entry will make it back onto the sidebar.

The Santa Cruz Bureau

Toddy said...

The Melbourne Bureau would like to submit one more entry, very similar to the existing one, but with a bit more color. Should I let him? I figure there is no harm.

Toddy said...

1) I will add the Melbourne Bureau's extra version as an addendum link from the original.

2) Mick Sowry & The Brooklyn Bureau showed up a wee bit late, but in fine form with options 'F' & 'G'

As only a few people had voted, when these two crashed the party, I made the executive decision to restart the polling. The quality of the late comers is really far to high to address it any other way. I mean, look at those things. . .

If you had already voted, feel free vote again!

Jack said...

Impressive submissions all around, and some really nail the theme. But I see only one butt wearing a sombrero while on a hamster wheel. My vote goes to "A".

curran said...

these are all really good, i first went with melbourne's original black and white, then i read jack's comments and i noticed melbourne had added a color version, and both of these things turned me off of melbourne's thing, and turned me onto the naked butt in the hamster wheel - yes, i am that weak and impressionable.

Eric said...

Man..hoorah for the butt with the mustache and six shooters running on a hamster wheel...great call on having this contest Toddy. Keep up the good stuff.

Jack said...

I'd like to quickly mention that Captain Curran's Blog is without question my favorite blog. It offers wonderful escape. Close seconds are the ToJo pantheon.

Now that I got that off my chest, I am heading to every internet cafe in town to rig this election.

Go LouJoe!!!!!!

Toddy said...

Oh man Jack, I know how you feel. Curran's blog gets the highest marks. I have long thought to link to him from here, and I will set that up tonight, under no duress.
I just figured that it might be overkill, you know, seeing that I already link to him from my son's blog and my own blog. Yeah okay, I have two other blogs. Maybe a third if you count them that way...
But yeah, Curran's boat is my favorite. Besides Danny and Kiv's.

Jack said...

Oh I'd like to also say that "G" really speaks to me. I'm sticking with TomJoe but if I had another vote I'd give it to "G". What I hate most about NYC surfing is that commute.

benji said...

Melbourne Rules! Along side with the San Dimas High School Football Team.

gustav said...

If Melbourne wins, i'm flying all u guys out here 4 a party....haha... only joking!


Toddy said...

So, as these things always work, there is a late, late entry. And since it is from Frenchy translator and voice-over superstar Alex Casimir, who lent his learned and gravely voice to the Lapsed catholics movie, I am obliged to find a way to get it in.
And so spawns the Special Addendum Polling Station. In the end, Alex's entry will receive full accounted weight.

Toddy said...

* some artists have websites, or have even been profiled in this blog. Click on their names under the entry to learn more about them. . .

Jack said...

oh man, how do I move at least a couple of my votes to "H"?

Patch said...

I voted for 'A' cause it looks like hell on earth.

Cheers mates.

Toddy said...

With a little less than four hours to go, it's a three way tie.

Toddy said...

Whoah, Brooklyn calls in the reserves late. Nice strategy. Lull them to sleep.