Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mattson Benefit Recap Of Sorts

Waiting to hear about the Mattson Benefit. My sister went to the show and wandered around for a little bit. Took these snaps of my work there. When I read about the thing on Jamie's Pineapple Luv blog, I was making these sorts of drawings daily. I tried to think of seminal surfers I could do portraits of, and these guys were the first ones who popped into my head. (Besides Pat and Tom Curren, whose likeness was, for some reason difficult for me to harness in that style.) Anyhow, I guess these are the guys that work in my psyche. Or were at the moment anyhow. Skip Frye, Nat Young, George Greenough, Rusty Preisendorfer, Donald Takayama and Dale Velzy. All these drawings were made by following the outlines of photos from magazines and such, "no-look" as I don't look down until the drawing is done.


"Hi Todd! I will send an email to all the artists later today to let them all know how successful it was. Todd, the night was a HUGE success. The artists raised a LOT of money for the Mattson family. And the Mattsons were super happy. And -- it was the biggest crowd the gallery had ever seen - over 600 people throughout the night. It was beautiful. Most of the work sold! And I am so pleased to tell you that the guy that bought your pieces was SO happy. I told him about you b/c of course he wanted to know more about the artist - I told him you were a film editor and had made a surf movie...and Jay took photos of him holding your work...so when we get all caught up, Jay will download his photos from the night and I'll put them on a Flickr page and send to all the artists this weekend. Guess what? The dude that bought your work is a good friend of Skip Frye's - and he said he couldn't wait to show it to him. No kidding. I'll get back to updating the blog now. Now that the auction is over, the rest of my summer is going to be smooth sailing! I am going to make a lot of art.

Talk to you soon. Jamie "

Keep checking Pinapple Luv for the officially full story. Should be posted soon.

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