Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Dear Angus,
It's that time of year for us Seppos. It is a time when all one wants is to have all your friends and family in one place to eat hamburgers and hot dogs and drink beer and sparkly wine and watch fireworks and jump in whatever water is available. Doc Ball and Don James photos here, stoking the anticipatory mood just right. Hope you're doing well down there in the winter cold. Catch some waves for us.
Your New York Counterparts


gustav said...

Thankyou Man, alls good downunder & yes it is seasonly cold in Australia. In these months,we (melbourneites) like any warm blooded mammal try to migrate to a warmer, tropical climate. Yes, i'm headed for Byron later in the month & I haven't booked my ticket home...woohoo....there's also talk from the little lady of venturing stateside for a quick Los Angeles NY catch up, so I could possibly jump on that boat if the finances are looking peachy enough, in late Aug/Sept! Would love to see u & Sanchez for the obligatory catch up/chin wag on just about...well... everything! Hope u r well mate, enjoy those summer cookouts & have a roarin' 4th of July!


Toddy said...

I can't wait to see some media from Byron...