Monday, August 24, 2009

Hurricane Bill

Sitting on the bluffs high above the surf yesterday at Montauk was a beautiful sight. A vantage point I'd never had the pleasure of gazing from, onto the kind of waves rarely seen around here.
The whole thing wasn't as viscerally epic as it was trumped up to be. That is, it wasn't an awe inspiring, fear wrenching, eyeball exploding sight from the beach. There was good surf to be had, and a lot of interest in having it. And that is enough. The waves were more manageable way out east where the rocks could shape them and further west, away from the center of the storm in some of the slightly more protected spots. Either way it was a bitch to get out by all accounts.
Right in the middle there, along the bulk of Long Island, it was tossing and turning, a difficult paddle out for some very big close outs and a few gorgeous rides.
As soon as I get my film developed, I'll post them up.

A nice little gallery of Saturday's lucky few at Surfline.

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