Saturday, August 22, 2009

Bill Update Saturday

9:30 am
So far, for me, the epic Hurricane Bill weekend has been on the under side of what I was expecting. Smitty's this morning was a washed out mess. Lots of swell, too much water happening for the sandbar to contain anything. Add to that that I hedged my bets, got up late and didn't make the trek to Montauk early enough and I am currently on the skunked side of this supposedly 50 Year Storm. I reckon there are some smarter surfers getting very fun waves out there right now. I just decided to come home and eat breakfast with the family instead of hunting around. This afternoon may be different, tomorrow morning will definitely be different. For now I am content with having sneaked out of a parking ticket outside the ranger station by being a Chatty Kathy to the bemused park police guy.
11:30 am
What is it about hammocks that make them so difficult to sleep in. It's one of the bizarre paradoxes of life. Here you have this sling cocoon thing that is about as comfortable as something could be, but one can never get one's head to sit just right to actually get a nice, long good sleep. Maybe it needs to be in constant motion, like on a ship. I need to rig a motor to my hammock.
12:00 pm
The Mastic Beach Blue Claw Crab is officially not until tomorrow. I checked. With my own eyes.
1:00 pm
Children's blow up pools are the perfect summer day salve. For everyone. You can hear the waves pounding the beach all the way on the other side of town from our house. It is a constant distant rumble. Eerie but both exciting and comforting.
2:00 pm
Eating a leafy green salad with cubes of lightly grilled steak, chopped up strawberries and chunky Parmesan cheese, accompanied by beer in a bottle for lunch is a too-rarely appreciated treat.
4:00 pm
Jumping off a diving board into a pool is an addictive, addictive activity. Once I start I can't stop. Over at Carlo's and Johny Mastic and I are trading cannonballs. I love this country.
7:00 pm
God, I love Gin Rummy. I can play that game for hours. And my boy love's Disney's Robin Hood. Ever listen to Amália Rodrigues?
10:00 pm
Johnny is going to bon-fire tonight. He'll be lighting it up soon. We'll get up tomorrow and drive to Montauk as they've said they might close the bridge to Smith's Point tomorrow. Still hearing the surf out there. Pleasant.
12:00 am
Getting into bed. How did I stay up this late?


Mr. Lentini said...

congrats on getting out of a smittys ticket thats all time

anyway I am making the montauk trek early tomorrow..well see

Jeff DiNunzio said...

hey toddy, hope you got yours on sunday. got mine, then some. even DP'd at Rockaway today before work. Should high-ish and off shore. good way to start the week.

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