Thursday, September 10, 2009

Luke Taaffe

Surf art is a funny genre. I am always thinking that the best way to achieve any sort of notoriety at something is to come at it from the outsider's angle. You want to be a feature film director? Shoot skateboard videos. You want to be a famous actor? Build cabinets for famous people. You want to be a painter living off painting? Make surf art and make surfer friends.
Well, not really. Maybe.
But surf art is a funny genre anyhow. I mean, there is generally a nod to surfing in there. Like a surfer. Or a wave. Or a surfer on a wave. In outer space. The shit works. I won't deny it. But it's funny.
Well, not really. Maybe.


Iván Osío said...

aloha from canary islands ***

EB ed. dptmt. said...

Heya Ivan. I still can't figure how you keep coming up with the rad archival pics. Nice job over there.