Saturday, September 12, 2009

Long Island Flora


Within the first month of moving to New York from San Francisco I found a plum job working for an event lighting company setting up speed rail and running the electrical. The crew needed a working driver and with my experience as a grip and my shiny California drivers license, I got the nod. I didn't tell them my license was expired. I didn't tell them I couldn't get it renewed since I had a warrant out for me back in California. It was a pretty funny thing, being brand new to New York City and driving a big lighting truck all over the joint. A pretty good way to get acquainted. The first time I made it out to Eastern Long Island was on a job driving the truck to a charity event on one of the big estates in the Hamptons. I remember being piqued by the flora as the island slimmed to its eastern most point. Crazy low lying evergreen plant life that reminded me a touch of wind blown Central California. Sure, totally different, but a ray of light nonetheless. Much later, far too long really, wifey and I would drive out to the point and the beauty of the preciously hearty shrubs out there would floor me completely.

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Christian said...

Great photos and a great story.